Creative Futures website

I CAN website – for information about training, evidence, programmes and specialist assessment

The Communication Trust website – for information and free, practical downloadable resources

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Bercow 10 website - For information specifically for schools on raising awareness of SLCN

The Hanen Centre website – for information about “It Takes Two to Talk” and other Hanen programmes, as well as information and research about children’s language development

Intensive Interaction website – for information about the Intensive Interaction approach

NAPLIC website - for up to date evidence and research on DLD

RADLD website - for videos, information and evidence on Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)

Talking Point website – for more information about SLCN, resources, factsheets

What Works website - a moderated online library of evidenced interventions that aim to support children's speech, language and communication

Universally Speaking – information on the ages and stages of children’s speech, language and communication development

CREC Research Centre running an MA and CME in early years music

Development Matters – non-statutory guidance material to support practitioners implementing the statutory requirements of the EYFS

Dr Nina Kraus’ work on the benefits of music on the brain and learning – on the Music Education Works website

LEYMN – London Early Years Music Network

Magic Acorns – developing co-creative processes between artists, educators and very young children in the east of England

MERYC – Music  Educators and Researchers of Young Children

Musical Development Matters - Brand-new early years music guidance document with an accompanying online resource

Noteweavers – developing a community of learning in early music in north west England

NYMAZ – North Yorkshire early years music network

SaLTMusic – action research project exploring shared practice between speech and language therapy and early years’ music practitioners

TakeArt Soundwaves network – early childhood music education programme in south west England

Tune into listening resource – online resource developed by Nicola Burke following a yearlong action research project investigating the effective use of recorded music in early years settings

Youth Music Network – information on developing music practice in early years settings, and explanations of some musical terms
Inspire Music Case Studies

Soundwaves Extra

Magic Adventure

Sound Connections - a film created by the London Early Years Music Network to support those working in music with 3-5-year-olds

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101 Rhythm Instrument Activities for Young Children - Abigail Flesch Connors

Bobby Shaftoe Clap Your Hands: Musical fun with new songs from old favoritesby Sue Nicholls

Let’s Go Shoolie-Shooe – Helen MacGregor & Bobbie Gargrave

Let's Go Zudie-O – Helen MacGregor & Bobbie Gargrave

Playsongs – Sheena Roberts

Lively Time Playsongs - Sheena Roberts

Sleepy Time Playsongs – Sheena Roberts

Singing Games and Rhymes for Early Years - Lucinda Geoghegan

Singing Games and Rhymes for Tiny Tots - Lucinda Geoghegan

Voiceplay – Linda Bance and Alison Street

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Some pieces of music that we’ve enjoyed using over the project to get you started!